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CLIX 1.7.2d 'pk' — Explosive Action!

It's a tasty concoction of exquisite Cocoa sensations! It's a stone cold soul groove! It's a major lifestyle move!

With the arrival of CLIX 1.7.2d 'pk' Unix pros and ambitious OS X users have a veritable powder keg of explosive action - a utility for professional and newbie alike.

Fully integrating both the FreeBSD manpage system and ManOpen, CLIX now offers instant 'at your fingertips' documentation for all Unix commands in two powerful ways.

There's never been a better learning tool or a more trusty Unix companion.

More Commands Than You Can Shake A Stick At

With 1,164 unique Unix commands, CLIX has it all - certainly more than any of the other incidental AppleScript system optimisers out there. If you still can't find what you want in CLIX, you can probably write it yourself.

For that's the genius of working with CLIX: it's extensible. You're not locked into a limiting complex of GUI doodads - how would you add a click box yourself? You add the commands you want all by yourself. And they work instantly, first time every time.

The Organiser!

And because CLIX is an authentic native Cocoa application, you can make all the command files you want - you can organise the commands you need in files of your own.

CLIX comes with a full dozen command files of its own - you can either edit these to suit your tastes or copy the commands you like to new files.

Put all the desktop enhancements you like in one file; put the most important system and security commands in another file; and so forth.

Staring Down the Threats

CLIX 1.7.2d 'pk' has new commands to address the insidious 'input managers hole'. You can lock down your system so no trojan, no matter how clever, can ever again exploit you in this way - and all at the click of your mouse.

Rescuing Your Hard Drive

Your system may be riddled with way too many 'language project' hives, eating away at your precious disk space - a click of the mouse and again CLIX makes them gone. It can't be easier.

Discover the World Around You

A default OS X installation comes with 15,000 directories and nearly 80,000 files, most of which you never see. And navigating outside the harsh confines of your own backyard with your default system tools isn't going to get you very far. But with CLIX you can see it all - and use it all.

After all, you paid for it, didn't you? So find out what's there and learn to use it.

Free As In Beer

As always, CLIX 1.7.2d 'pk' is free as in beer. It's free because knowledge like this should be free - and must remain free. It is your right to know how to manage your computer and to be in control of it.

It's a labour of love from Rixstep done to make you a safer and happier OS X user.

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