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The Boot Boot Camp Can't

It would seem the fanboys have a new hero.

You're looking at the new hero of the fanboys. And actually he's not a new hero either. Evidently this love affair's been in the closet for a long time.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's Bill Gates, and the fanboys love him because he gives them Windows.

Now you all thought the fanboys hated Windows? That they'd rather go to their graves than be caught in the same hemisphere as Windows? If you did, you'd be wrong.

While others - mostly professionals of course - have staunchly refused to run Windows for years, the fanboys, feeling isolated with their wee beige box kiddie toys, have been secretly longing for a robust Microsoft product to come their way.

And now they have it, thanks to Apple Computer's latest abomination Boot Camp.

The wonder of it is not that it doesn't work - that was to be expected - but that so many fanboys rushed out to get their expensive copy of Windows XP - either that or they stashed away a copy in secret all these years.

Suckers. That and hypocrites of course.

Well it doesn't work, and all the fanboys rushed out and installed XP on their shiny Macintoshes - without backing up of course - and then got burnt. They could no longer boot into OS X.

The discussion thread at Apple's discussion forums quickly got out of hand - typically - with one side bashing the other for making Apple look bad [sic] - again typically - and the stink soon made its way to both Slashdot and PC World.

There have been a few fixes suggested, mostly bottoming out in moving a wayward swap file the fanboys seem to think needs to linger around, and some people seem to have recovered their OS X systems - although usually not their private data.

All the while the world around stands aghast, wondering why these hopeless retards don't get with WINE and stymied as to how they could be so sold on Windows in the first place.

Once a fanboy, always a fanboy. And the biggest Maccie fanboys are those that secretly have a crush on Bill Gates.

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