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It's a place to put things.

They're not shortcuts; they're not symlinks; they're absolutely not aliases; call them 'references'. They go in Xshelf. And Xshelf is a place to put things. For any reason you want. And you can do anything with them you can do with the real files they represent.

You can save dedicated lists to disk for later use. You can assemble temporary lists to aid you in file management.

Start a new shelf, drag items to it, save it. Use it for whatever you want: a 'favourites' collection, important documents to continually get back to, a launch pad - you name it. Anything can go on a shelf, and you can use a shelf for whatever you want.

You can open any listed item with any application. You can double click them to open them with your default editor. You can change attributes and ownership.

You can drop them on Xfile, Xscan, Tracker, and just about any ACP or other application. You can drag and drop and copy and paste between lists.

You can do anything you want with them.

And starting now you have a place to put them.

Xshelf in the ACP »

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