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Stop Whining!

Disgruntled MacBook Pro owners are taking action.

Manufacturing flaws in Apple's new Intel-based laptops have left customers up in arms.

'It doesn't take very long in the Apple support forum (and elsewhere) to discover the main issues on the minds of most MacBook Pro owners - heat and whining problems. Apple seems to be taking these annoyances very lightly, and as such, something needs to be done', writes Mashugly at the OSx86 Project site.

And that something will take place on 20 May.

The OSx86 Project are organising a protest against Apple: on that day, they suggest, everyone with a MacBook Pro that whines or overheats should call Apple and tell them about it.

'Many of you have been promised by Apple tech people your problem would be fixed in the next generation and it wasn't. Many people have been told the 'sound is normal' - and for the price you paid it isn't.'

'Some have heard from the geniuses that their uncomfortable heat is 'within spec' while others have had to void their warranty to fix the problem. All of this has got to stop.'

'We need to let Apple know we're tired of them not paying attention to our complaints.'

Several Maccie fanboy sites have typically called for people to 'stop whining'. Obviously the good of the movement is at stake: the movement must have revenues and the movement is hurt by undue recalls and extraordinary expenses.

Others have pointed out that were Apple not so obsessed with a hardware and OS lock-in, none of this would have to happen. Because the OS isn't licensed and can't spread beyond the Cupertino company's treacherously thin demographic, hardware has to be made obsolete on a regular basis to keep the company afloat.

Meaning loyal customers have to pay double: first for the unnecessary new hardware, and thereafter for all the manufacturing flaws. Whereas a freely licensed OS X would free Apple to stick to stable hardware designs and in time perfect them.

This isn't the first time the 'new Apple' have refused to take responsibility for manufacturing flaws. The iPod, the iBooks, the PowerBooks, and the G4 cube have all suffered - as have their users - and several class settlements have been the result - but first after considerable public pressure was brought to bear on the company.

'If thousands of affected MBP owners call on the same day on the same topic, Apple will be forced to address the issue' writes Mashugly. 'A unified group of concerned MBP owners will get the attention of those in charge. This is the best way we can hold Apple accountable.'

'It's our duty to make sure they know we won't tolerate hacks and unsupported fixes to fix an issue that shouldn't be there.'

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