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OS X Security Update 2006-003 - Update

Thirty one fixes is impressive but all may not yet be well.

Apple fixed thirty one vulnerabilities in one go in their security update 2006-003. Tom Ferris, who reported a great many of them, was impressed.

Apple has released Security Update 2006-003 which patches a whopping 31 flaws. Most of these flaws as Apple has stated 'may lead to arbitrary code execution'. This patch fixes all of the issues I previously reported on April 19th. Thanks Apple!

Ferris cautions that of course the patches still have to be tested.

Now it's time to see if all the issues were properly fixed. As always I will report my findings here.

But already there are other clouds on the horizon. A number of reports have already come to MacFixIt about system freezes on reboot after 2006-003 is applied.

We've received a significant number of reports indicating that Security Update 2006-003 causes stalls in startup on some Macs (primarily Intel based systems). For most users the process works normally but at the subsequent restart (required by the updater) the startup stalls.

But as per usual MacFixIt know how to fix it.

The first step is to boot into safe mode. Restarting and hold down a shift key.

The next step is to navigate to /Library/StartupItems and check for potentially problematic items.

One file implicated is the Version Cue component installed by various Adobe applications, though others may be at play.

If you have Version Cue installed, move it to a location outside the folder, then restart normally and check for persistence of the stall. If you do not have Version Cue installed or removing Version Cue did not solve the issue, try removing all items in StartupItems.

One MacFixIt reader fingers Apple's Remote Desktop as the problem causing startup item.

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