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Declaration of War

'Bodström will have hell to pay.'

Stockholm (Rixstep) -- File sharers across the planet see the raids on The Pirate Bay as a declaration of war and are turning their wrath on attorney general Thomas Bodström and the Swedish police.

Several attacks on Swedish government websites are planned for the coming days.

The big raid on The Pirate Bay took place last Wednesday at several addresses in the Stockholm area. 130 (one hundred thirty) servers were confiscated.

One day later the website of the Swedish police was offline after a denial of service attack.

The Swedish evening paper Expressen have talked with file sharers who are secretly planning further attacks in the coming days.

'Thomas Bodström has declared war. And he won't win the war', says one file sharer.

In discussion forums on the Internet file sharers are encouraged to participate in attacks on Swedish government websites.

'Bodström will have hell to pay.'

Yesterday Expressen met with a 'professional' file sharer.

'If it was pressure from the US which led to the raids, Bodström's will have hell to pay', he said.

The Pirate Bay was founded three years ago by administrators Fredrik Neij and a friend. Today their network is the biggest in the world. Fredrik Neij notes that a lot of people across the planet are very upset.

'Further attacks are possible. But I want to point out that we have nothing to do with them.'

Fredrik Neij is counting on being back online with The Pirate Bay already today. New servers in Holland will be used. According to Neij the network has 1.5 million unique visitors each day, 29% Swedish.

Attorney general Thomas Bodström denies having anything to do with the raids.

'I have never acted in individual cases or told the police and prosecutors what to do. And I will never do such a thing', he said.

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