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A Trip to Washington

Representatives of the Swedish government traveled to Washington in April to discuss the file sharing situation with the White House.

Stockholm (Rixstep) -- Swedish attorney general Thomas Bodström and other members of the Swedish cabinet were at the White House in April to discuss the file sharing situation in Sweden, according to Swedish national television's news bureau 'Rapport'.

A delegation with representatives of Sweden's department of justice and the Swedish national police traveled to the United States in April to discuss demands made by the MPAA. The MPAA had been petitioning the Swedish government for years to take action but to no avail.

Upon their return, the Swedish delegation asked the Swedish police and state prosecutor Håkan Roswall to intervene.

When the latter protested the legal situation was all but clear cut, Thomas Bodström's state secretary contacted the national prosecutor's office and the national chief of police who then gave the go-ahead for the raids, Rapport learned.

According to Rapport it was the MPAA who contacted the White House; the US department of state then contacted the foreign department in Sweden, demanding The Pirate Bay be closed down.

The prosecutor and police were then ordered to carry out the raid. Rapport classify the actions of the state secretary as 'ministerstyre' ('minister rule').

Over two hundred complaints have already been filed with the offices of justice ombudsman Mats Melin; the matter is now also under investigation by the powerful Constitution Committee.

The Constitution Committee were earlier this year able to pressure foreign minister Laila Freivalds to step down after she was found complicit in similar acts of 'ministerstyre'.

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