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Anti-Pirate Bureau Closed

They weren't attacked - they just ran for it.

Stockholm (Rixstep) -- Enemies of the MPAA-backed Swedish Anti-Pirate Bureau will no longer have the opportunity to knock their website offline. They've done it themselves.

'Things were getting a bit lively online', said spokesperson Henrik Pontén.

The MPAA-backed Anti-Pirate Bureau filed the police complaint which led to the raids on The Pirate Bay.

They're the worst enemies of the file sharers and have previously been targeted by denial of service attacks similar to those still underway against the Swedish police website.

But starting this afternoon one can no longer surf to antipiratbyran.com to get information about copyright law.

'We closed it down. Things were getting a bit lively online, so we thought we might as well', said Henrik Pontén, legal adviser for the Anti-Pirate Bureau.

Pontén says he doesn't know if the website was already under attack. 'I really don't know. I haven't been in contact with our technical support.'

And he doesn't know when the website will come back online either. 'We'll see when it comes back.'

The Swedish police website polisen.se has been offline for several days with continuing denial of service attacks leveraging 500,000 hits per second.

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