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It's War!

New attacks are planned for the websites of the police, government offices, and the news media.

Stockholm (Rixstep) -- The 'net pirates' are planning to attack the infrastructure of the Internet. Sabotage is being planned against the Swedish department of justice and major media outlets. The website of the Swedish police went offline again today after a renewed denial of service attack.

'We're starting an Internet war', a source was quoted as saying.

The next target is supposedly the department of justice responsible for the raids on The Pirate Bay.

Attacks are even being planned against major media outlets in Stockholm. And a new attack was coordinated against the police website polisen.se to take it back offline.

Fifty Raided

The attack on file sharers started in March 2005. The offices of Internet service provider Bahnhof were raided; 1,800 movies, 450,000 audio files, and 5,000 games were seized.

A half year later a 28 year old man was sentenced to fines for having downloaded the Swedish movie 'Hip Hop Whore'.

On Wednesday fifty constables raided ten offices to shut down The Pirate Bay. Three individuals have been indicted for breaking copyright laws.

The MPAA-backed Anti-Pirate Bureau tracks file sharers but their methods have been called into question. Yet according to the Data Inspection Bureau an investigation of their methods will not begin before the end of summer.

Two Hundred Complained

Criticism of the raid is growing, especially in regard to the person responsible for it: prosecutor Håkan Roswall, already notorious for his methods and lack of understanding of IT. In a previously publicised context Roswall completely lost his foothold when he couldn't explain what an HTTP 401 error code meant. Already two hundred complaints have been filed against him.

Head of the office of the justice ombudsman Mats Melin has decided to investigate the matter.

Demonstrations were held today in Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö.

The raids are now under investigation by the Constitution Committee.

The Swedish television news bureau Rapport revealed on Thursday that the raids were ordered by Swedish attorney general Thomas Bodström after considerable pressure was brought to bear by the White House.

The attorney general denies the accusations. 'I never told the police and prosecutor what to do.'

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