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The Apple Defect

Actually there's only one.

After thoroughly reading this page at AppleDefects.com it should be obvious to anyone - even the most self-destructive fanboys - that Apple have a 'defect'. And that defect is not primarily in their hardware engineering process.

Anyone should realise the defect goes way beyond the symptoms enumerated at the above URL. It's even bigger - and more deeply rooted.

Symptoms of the defect are a swollen battery, a high pitched squeal, a ticking under the delete key, electric shocks, heat issues, thermal grease, mooing fans, a melting MagSafe adapter, a hissing LCD, an uneven LCD, battery damage caused by the heat, blown speakers, random shutdowns, poor video card performance, poor overall manufacturing quality, kernel panics caused by the wireless driver, and Wifi signal drops.

And that's just one of the three models currently available - the MacBook Pro.

The sound you are listening to right now is the infamous 'mooing' - ask yourself if you could seriously use or much less even keep a computer that did this to you.

Thanks to AppleDefects.com these issues are being thoroughly documented.

But Apple have so far refused to acknowledge a thing. Instead they're removing mention of the issues from the discussion forums, banning posters from the forums, and scrambling to change the online sales blurbs to avoid class action lawsuits.

What went wrong? Was it the panicked rush to Ford processors? Was it the reliance on untested hardware manufacturers? Was it a cynical approach to loyal customers? Was it an obsessive resistance to any and all forms of customer feedback?

Here Comes Vista

And Microsoft Windows Vista is right around the corner. That old catch phrase 'get a Mac' can't work anymore. All the new 'Ford' models are corrupted. In a word, they're 'shit' - and expensive shit to boot.

How can Apple hope to make a dent in the universe with the worst product line in the history of the personal computer? Why are tens of thousands of Apple engineers and marketing suits sitting around doing nothing?

There can only be one answer to all the above questions. Just as there can be only one solution to this the worst crisis the Cupertino company have ever experienced.

As everyone already knows what that answer is, there can be no point in repeating it here.

What You Must Do

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, you must make your voice heard. At the very least join the forums at AppleDefects.com. If you are in the US, contact the BBB both in your own area and in California and file a complaint. Go to Consumer Affairs Online and file a complaint - this will take some time and work but do it.

Other countries have similar institutions. For example it's Konsumentverket in Sweden. Contact your institutions and file a complaint.

Nothing will happen if you sit idly back and wait for Apple to recompense you.

Marie Antoinette is reputed to have once quipped that the people of France should eat croissants if they were otherwise starving. ('Qu'ils mangent de la brioche.') Steve Jobs ignores customers and tells them to their faces their disappointments do not count - his computers are still 'insanely great'.

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