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Yet Another Apple Defect

There's more than one. And the list is endless.

It never stops. Considering the attention to detail and quality it's not surprising. This latest revelation comes by way of AppleDefects.com who are doing an excellent job of documenting the issues plaguing owners of the new Apple Intels, the worst computer production line ever.

For more information visit AppleDefects.com but be sure to pack a flight bag.

Black Book Woes

Some fanboys thought they lucked out after willingly letting themselves be suckered into buying a different colour coat of paint for $150. No such luck. The black iBook Fords do the same thing as the other ones - hardly surprising as Apple are using the same uniformly low quality components for all models.

Peeling Cases

When it comes to low quality borne out of a successfully cynical marketing campaign, no one is excepted. Here we see the actual casing of a brand new hyper expensive Apple Ford laptop just peeling away. Chinese quality; Apple marketing.

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