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Scratch It!

The Cupertino Chinese comedy continues.

As promised only yesterday, the list of defects in Apple's new Chinese computers is endless. And already today a day later AppleDefects.com come with a new one: evidently because of the way Apple SuperDrives are [not] mounted your CDs and DVDs can incur damage.

And AppleDefects.com go one further: they prove the flaw is reproducible.

  1. Put a CD or DVD in the drive. (Blank CD incurs smallest possible loss.)
  2. Wait for the drive to start humming so you know it's getting up to speed.
  3. Tilt your Chinese computer left and right until you hear the scratchy noises.
  4. Put your computer down and eject the disc.
  5. See the pretty scratches. On the readable side.

As can be seen, the scratches go around in absolutely perfect circles. Both CDs and DVDs get the scratches.

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