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Eastpoint Drop TPB

Claims the ad agency now want to focus on SEO don't hold water.

STOCKHOLM (SvD) -- The Pirate Bay's ad agency Eastpoint Media have broken off all contact with the controversial file sharing site despite impressive revenues for both.

The Pirate Bay have been earning tens of thousands each month by selling banner ads on their website. Sales of the banner ads has been managed by Eastpoint Media. Eastpoint Media have been entitled to half of the revenues.

But last week Eastpoint Media decided to immediately end their contract with The Pirate Bay, and this despite the company CEO Luar Busó stating as recently as June that his company were doing 'extremely well' in their campaign.

'Right now we want to focus completely on search engine optimisation. It's a strategic decision we've made', says Busó.

But despite the supposed reason being that Eastpoint Media want to focus on other parts of their operations it is only the contract with The Pirate Bay which has been canceled. Eastpoint continue to sell ads for a number of other sites.

And when asked point blank if the decision has anything to do with the current criminal investigation of The Pirate Bay, Busó answers only 'no comment'.

Håkan Roswall, prosecutor in charge of the investigation, has earlier made it clear that every company working with The Pirate Bay will be investigated. He however insists the police have not yet been in contact with Eastpoint Media.

Things didn't go well for either The Pirate Bay or The Pirate Party when they sued to have their computer equipment returned', Roswall points out. 'So it's possible Eastpoint are drawing their own conclusions. If The Pirate Bay were considered completely legal the court wouldn't have denied the return of their equipment.'

According to Roswall Eastpoint Media are not currently under suspicion, but he points out that if the company sell ads to help finance a criminal operation they can be classified as accessories.

Despite the loss of Eastpoint The Pirate Bay are still sporting ads on their website. One of the new ads is for a spray with human pheromones supposedly capable of attracting members of the opposite sex.

Representatives of The Pirate Bay were not available for comment.

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