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That Schicklgruber Clone Does It Again!

There's no stopping MacUpdate's Joel Mueller - unless it's a US federal arrest warrant.

Joel 'Little Adolf' Mueller is always first - he promises you that. To make sure he's first, he literally steals the listings from Version Tracker - a bold move for a member of the Fourth Reich.

Joel Mueller is of course the 'out of the closet' fascist who runs MacUpdate something like Heinrich Himmler ran 'work camps' for Semites and other favoured types just a few years ago. Everything Joel Mueller does is in the common good.

Broken Every Rule in the Book!

Joel Mueller has been waiting to overtake Version Tracker for years. Unfortunately he's not even close yet. He's broken every rule in the book in his attempt to corner the market. And unlike the nice crew at Version Tracker, Mueller has no qualms about squeezing the site's visitors once this hegemony is established.

Once Joel Mueller is able to establish his Fourth Reich of Apple software and emerge from his Blitzkrieg against Version Tracker as the victor, everyone will pay - software vendors and site visitors alike. He's been working towards this for years.

No Freedom of Speech!

Don't try submitting anything anti-Bush to Little Adolf: he'll delete it right away. The hilarious iBush may be listed at Version Tracker but it's not listed at MacUpdate: Herr Doktor Mengele had it removed.

[One wonders what happens in the Mueller household when either Conan O'Brien, Jon Stewart, or Jay Leno come on. Is the family television automatically set to jam these broadcasts? And are the Mueller children blocked from visiting Comedy Central, Crooks and Liars, and NBC? How much fun can it be living in Kalamazoo Michigan? Judging from the hate mail he's had his KKK friends send, not a lot!]

You can't submit Apple Dashboard widgets that in any way call attention to the increasingly unpopular US involvement in Iraq. Dashboard widgets that list casualties - lives lost - are automatically removed by the esteemed surgeon - this in a country that prides itself on its constitutionally protected 'freedom of speech'.

Federal Complaint Against Joel Mueller!

Rixstep have already filed a federal complaint against Joel Mueller. And Rixstep have boycotted MacUpdate for the past year, openly encouraging others to do so as well. But that doesn't stop the Herr Doktor from listing other people's software - regardless of whether they expressly refuse to submit it.

See below.

And Now the Clone Does It Again!


Tracker 1.0.2 has been added to MacUpdate. Check it out at:


Please keep MacUpdate informed of any new Mac version releases of your products, so we can promote them for you. You can update your listing by signing up for a BRAND NEW developer tools:


We just launched an automated TARGETED ADVERTISING system for you:

-MacUpdate Team

[You're being notified of this update because you're listed as the developer of Tracker*. Please email us if you are not the developer: updates@macupdate.com].

*No one is listed as the developer of Tracker - not at MacUpdate: Tracker has never been submitted to MacUpdate. It never will be.

Everyone Deserves Better!

Starting now, all direct access from MacUpdate addresses to Rixstep products will be prohibited. Gradually any 'HTTP referrals' from MacUpdate will be denied as well.

The Mac community, the United States of America, and the people of our planet deserve better than this little clone.

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Download Tracker 1.0.2 Here!

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