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MIT Survey Complete

2,800+ Apple Intel notebooks logged.

The MacInTouch Apple Intel survey is complete. More than 2,800 notebooks were logged along with thousands of comments.

Amongst the interesting results:

  • 19% of the 2.0 GHz 15 inch MacBook Pros released in March are prone to sudden, unexpected shutdown.
  • 10-16% of 15 inch MacBook Pro owners report warped lids.
  • 39% of 15 inch MacBook Pros buzz or whine when idle.
  • 20% of the MacBooks 'moo'.


'With such new computers, Apple hasn't had much time to refine designs', says Robert Mohns, who suggests the only 'safe' buy right now might be the 17 inch MacBook Pro.

'Based on what we've seen in this survey, we'd be cautious buying a white or black MacBook until Apple more effectively address the heat, noise and trackpad button issues. We'd be reasonably confident buying a brand new 15 inch MacBook Pro, but keep an eye out for sleep and shutdown problems and call AppleCare the moment they appear. We would have no hesitation at all buying the 17 inch MacBook Pro, with or without the glossy display.'

Link: MacInTouch MacBook/MacBook Pro Initial Reliability Survey

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