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Apple Recall 1.8 Million Batteries

Dell beat them by a week.

A week after Dell and Sony initiated a huge lithium ion battery recall and after touting product quality Apple now announce they will do the same. 1.8 million batteries manufactured by Sony and used in Apple notebooks for the past three years will benefit from an exchange programme.

The programme will not include batteries found in Apple's notebooks with the new Intel CPUs.

Fire Hazard

The batteries pose a fire hazard, and we want consumers to take this recall seriously. We want them to take the batteries out of the laptops immediately', said Scott Wolfson of the US based Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Apple's announcement brings the total number of recalled Sony lithium ion batteries to nigh on 6 million. Apple claim to be aware of only nine incidents of the Sony batteries behaving badly and two incidents which resulted in minor burns to the users.

For Apple it's an inconvenience but financially a non-event as Sony are responsible', said Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray.

Who's Affected

The recall programme affects 1.1 million notebooks sold in the US and 700,000 sold elsewhere. The units were assembled in either Japan, Taiwan, or China.

For further information visit the URL below. [At time of writing the URL was still not online. Ed.]


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