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Maccie Fanboys Try to Shut Down Rixstep

But they failed - and now court proceedings are underway to locate the ringleaders and bring them to justice.

A rabble rousing crew of over one hundred rabid Apple Maccie fanboys have attempted to shut down Rixstep.

They failed - and now face prosecution themselves.

Pursuant to the latest issue of Xnews which warned potential switchers of just how nasty these fanboys could be, the rabble rousers organised a 'fake' campaign to harass the Rixstep presence provider, claiming they'd been 'spammed' by the newsletter they'd explicitly subscribed to.

There was no interruption of service and their correspondence is now part of the criminal complaint brought against them.

System administrators were immediately onto the 'scam' as the cited newsletter could not be classified as spam and as a number of 'complaints' - all with different sender addresses - came from the same IPs.

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