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iTunes Se7en

It's no longer a lucky number.

Two days after Apple's announcement of an iTunes update things have started to go south, demonstrating once again why the Cupertino company will always be doomed to the margins.

But this time it's the iTunes users on Windows who are protesting - and they're used to being able to complain.

In a massive thread Apple have not yet seen fit to remove, thousands of iTunes users express their dismay and consternation at the total lack of quality control at Apple.

Once the iTunes Se7en upgrade is installed, audio quality goes out the window. 'This is just ridiculous. Don't they test their products before release?' asks K Toyer. Jamie Cuthill is equally euphoric.

'Good game Apple! Grats on breaking your best piece of Windows software!'

DJ 'Disco Dave' is in real pinch.

'I downloaded iTunes 7 last night and I've regretted it ever since. I'm having the same problems as the rest of you guys. It distorts all my tracks and it sounds like I'm playing a damaged CD that skips all the time. I tried changing the audio settings in QuickTime to every option there was and it didn't work. I really need my iTunes as I DJ so if anyone has any other suggestions on how to fix Apple's fuck-up please get in touch.'

Hao Zap Ping

Hao Zap Ping of the People's Repulsive of China, formerly associated with Foxxconn and now appointed by the presidium in Beijing to supervise Apple quality control both in Cupertino and abroad, says he has no immediate answers.

'I am still learning English so we take it one step at a time, yes?'

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