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Iceweasel 1.6?

For the first time in centuries FOSS make an inroad into the Microsoft hegemony with the Firefox browser. They build up interest and brand recognition. Now that all may be for naught because, as per usual, the open sorcerers can't stop squabbling amongst themselves.

Debian maintainer Eric Dorland of Montreal explains on his blog.

  • Mozilla asked Debian to stop using the Firefox name if they don't use the Firefox logo.
  • The 'Debian Social Contract' [sic] (written up by You-Know-Who) specifically forbids using anything that is not 'free'.
  • Mozilla are now pissed at Debian (and You-Know-Who) and want to inspect every Debian release to make sure there are no further copyright violations.

Not surprisingly You-Know-Who has a page at Wikipedia 'advertising' his Debian Social Contract. If you can't understand this nonsense, you won't be alone.

Yet this advertisement says specifically that the Debian Social Contract is to work for 'making it possible for the software to be used for real world problems, even when that means working with non-free software'. And here the squabble isn't over code or proprietary licenses but over a bloody icon.


You-Know-Who is of course the individual engaged in hijacking Linux, who once proclaimed security passwords free and open, and who of late has called for a boycott of Harry Potter.

You-Know-Who has also called for a boycott of Caterpillar, Coca-Cola, Chinese exports, high definition DVD, and the IEEE. He also wants marijuana legalised in Nevada. And he has a few hundred more ad hoc boycotts going. And so forth. Woo-hoo.

He also plans on registering himself as a minister [sic]. His campaign slogan?

There is no system but GNU, and Linux is one of its kernels.

[Note: 'GNU' is the 'Unix' You-Know-Who announced in 1983. It has still not come into being. A month after Linus Torwalds released the first version of Linux, You-Know-Who hijacked it and added his own name - eight years after the birth of the 'GNU' movement but only one month after the birth of Linux. When you can't come through on your own pompous proclamations, steal other people's software - and then invoke 'free' and 'open' and call it your own. For some it's the only chance to get laid. Ed.]

True to the size of his ego - which dwarfs even his super size physical being - he has an amateur black and white photo of himself at his own website in the format 2835x2050 pixels, suitable for framing or using as a bedspread pattern, and yours for only a 3.7 MB download as a JPEG (or a 5 MB download [sic] as a TIFF).

Once again Microsoft win by walkover. And for one unstoppable ego, the entire planet suffer as a result.

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