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Saved by the Blixt

Ivar Wenster's computer destroyed by lightning, prosector closes case.

Ivar Wenster, culture minister in Karlskrona Sweden and also head of the city library, openly admitted he downloaded music from the Internet without paying for it. Wenster made headlines earlier this year when it became known he filed a complaint against himself.

'I don't wish to contribute to the polarisation between the music industry and the net pirates. If I'm convicted I hope it will at least lead to a discussion of the issues involved. My personal finances would of course be hurt, but that's a risk I'm willing to take', Wenster said at the time.

But now Wenster's luck has changed: the family computer was destroyed by lightning.

'That lightning should knock out our computer was purely accidental', explained Wenster. 'There's not much left of that computer anymore.'

'Lightning hit his computer', said prosecutor Margaretha Lewenhagen. 'It's not possible to prove any crime has been committed because I didn't know exactly what files he had shared.'

Charges have thus been dropped. And Wenster says he's going to take it easy with file sharing for a while.

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