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The Saturday Apple Review

Things have never been brighter for the Cupertino company.

Busy Week!

It's been a busy week for Apple, responding to numerous pseudo-complaints from Apple HATERS. Apple show once again that they are top drawer when it comes to not only fixing real issues with their stellar products but also fixing illusionary issues.

1418 Fixed!

As reported in the Saturday Apple Review for 14 October, iPod owners have been complaining of an 'unknown error 1418' caused - or so they erroneously claim - by another of Apple's stellar firmware and iTunes updates. And for those whiners who stubbornly insist they still have an issue, Apple have released a 'fix'. Which coincidentally (essentially) wipes all content (song files) off the iPod. It's a bold move, and Apple are to be applauded for taking a firm stand on the issue.

And it serves those Apple HATERS right.

Melting Adapters?

Melting adapters? Melting MagSafe™ adapters? Oh really! The latest bit of disinformation spread by the Apple HATERS comes in the form of the supposedly untouched photograph seen below.

The photograph is obviously a hoax. The unit would have melted closer to the computer - if at all. Further, magnification of the photograph shows sure signs of tampering.

RSS Fix?

There are rumours that Apple are dissembling a fix for the so called 'random shutdown syndrome' (RSS). As pointed out previously in the Saturday Apple Review, this is yet another attempt to discredit Apple.

The correct term for these phenomena is of course 'unexpected shutdown' - that the user not be aware when an Apple computer must of needs shut down cannot be Apple's fault. Other computers faced with the same situation but lacking Apple's advanced technology cannot shut down - and permanent damage to the hardware is the inevitable result.

Instead of whining, these people should be thanking Apple for saving their investments. Apple HATERS.

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