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The Saturday Apple Review

Things have never been brighter for the Cupertino company.

Great Week!

It's been a great week for Apple, with new quarterly results and especially the announcement of the release of Microsoft Windows Vista. If anything can drive the panicking hordes to Apple, it's a Microsoft release!

17% Need Repair?

According to an article in the Consumerist, 17% of all Apple laptops notebooks are in need of repair. And although the title of the article is 'all laptops break period' it's clearly an ill conceived, misguided, and poorly disguised attack on Apple.

Further, the survey results are highly suspect. Apple and Toshiba both with a 17% repair rate? How can two companies that together manufacture millions of computers have the exact same number of repairs?

And isn't that '17' a pique at Steve Jobs and his licence plates?

Finally, it's not that Apple have a 17% repair rate - it's that Apple have an 83% success rate.


Cool Core 2?

There are rumours circulating wildly in the media that Apple's new Core 2 Duo laptops notebooks will run cooler than their Core Duo predecessors. This is of totally no interest whatsoever. And it could only be interesting if in fact the Core Duo laptops notebooks had been hot. But as they weren't, it isn't.

This is simply more FUD spread by Apple HATERS.

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