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The Saturday Apple Review

Things have never been brighter for the Cupertino company.

Another Great Week!

It's been a great week again for Apple with Microsoft announcing their Vista release date for home users. This too will drive up Apple sales!

iPod Shuffle G2?

How do you hurt Apple the worst? By hitting where it hurts the worst. And as Steve Jobs has decided all Apple staff will get an iPod Shuffle G2 for Xmas, that's the best thing to attack. And the attacks have already begun.

'All new products are bound to have some problems, and so begin the complaints with the second generation iPod Shuffle', report the Apple haters at Apple Defects.

The issues purportedly range from defective clips to hissing sounds to blinking orange and yellow lights to 'annoying error -50'.

Yeah right. Microsoft execs astroturfing at the Apple discussions again. Hopefully the censors will soon remove the offending threads.

One Apple HATER wrote that he will 'consider' buying an iPod again if the issue gets resolved. Listen up, loser: don't think you're doing Apple a favour by buying an iPod: buying Apple products is, always has been, and always will be a privilege. Read that again: it's a privilege. You're not worthy to own an Apple product. You lose, loser.

The whiners are all using iPods for Windows anyway. iPods for Apple's own operating system never have issues. Never.

Alright, this is what I did, my only fix. Disconnect the iPod from the computer. Then go to 'start> right click my computer> manage> services and applications> services> click iPod service> click stop service'. Then connect the ipod and it should show up in my computer. Format it so all content is gone. Next, go back to 'start> right click my computer> manage> services and applications> services> click iPod service> click Start service'. This should have the service running again.

Losers. Microsoft Windows losers. Apple HATERS.

Bent Bent Clip Complaints

Even more people are whining about bent clips on the iPod Shuffle G2. But as AppleInsider point out, 'the damage to the shuffle's clip has no affect on the ability to play and listing to music'. Some Apple haters are really bent, and as Apple have previously pointed out, a lot of this supposed damage happens because users in the US are so FAT. Don't blame your weight problems on Apple, you losers. You Apple HATERS.

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