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MORB: Extended. Indefinitely.

It's still win-win. And it's extended. Indefinitely.

It's no shocker: the Month of Rixstep Bugs hasn't netted a single bug. So it's extended. Indefinitely.

Part of this may be due to the deserved attention given the Month of Apple Bugs but part is also be due to the difficulty in finding bugs in Rixstep products. [One disconnection in a NIB was however found which still nets a free licence to the ACP.]

Whatever - MORB continues. Indefinitely. Not everyone feels as the fanboys: strangely enough, some would rather make their software good than hide behind a smokescreen of spin. You report it; it gets fixed; everyone gets a better product. It's win-win all around.

The following products are freely available. ACP users can of course report bugs in the ACP.

Xfile Test Drivehttp://rixstep.com/acp/xfile.shtmlftp://rixstep.com/Xfile.tar.bz2
ACP Web Serviceshttp://rixstep.com/awsftp://rixstep.com/aws/aws.bz2

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