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CLIX: Safer than Terminal?

The dangers of the 'sudo fun' exploit remain remote but there's no point in not being safe.

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CLIX 1.8 sanitises all paths before executing your commands. It also performs a number of internal consistency checks before deciding to run. You can also make a habit of testing 'echo $PATH' before running your commands in Terminal, but CLIX is probably easier and safer. It checks things for you.

Add the new 'Resolve Path' ACP Text Service and you have an unbeatable combination.

Here's how easy it is.

1. Double click your command in your CLIX document window.

Or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘↩. This brings up your command sheet.

2. Tab three times in the command sheet so your command line's selected.

Or just click in the 'command line' field and 'select all' (⌘A).

3. From your application menu select 'Services' and then 'Resolve Path'.

Or use the keyboard shortcut ⌘~.


4. And it's done.

And you can do this anywhere, not just in CLIX.

Resolve Path doesn't sanitise $PATH for you - it shows you where your commands will resolve. It makes it easier to see where your commands are going before they get there. And it makes things a bit safer. And with full paths to all your commands and your commands only in protected directories you're far safer than before.

And as Resolve Path is a 'service', it works anywhere in any of your native OS X applications - with no input manager and no code injection. It's namely a built-in feature the NeXT and Apple software engineers intended should be there.

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