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Hello Bill!

Microsoft respect your privacy. Truly they do.

Heise Security have discovered a wealth of traffic to the Microsoft mother ship on the Redmond corporation's Internet traffic jam updates. It's enough Microsoft have to foist such an unsatisfactory operating system on the planet; it's more than enough that the Morlocks™ have to automate regular updates to prevent security matters for Windows lusers from getting even worse; it's incomprehensible how much net bandwidth is wasted on this nonsense; but it's totally expected that Bill Gates - whom Judge TP Jackson described as a 'stubborn mule who should be walloped with a 2x4' - use this situation to spy on customers.

A response from the Microsoft WGA ('Windows Genuine Advantage') team claims the following data is culled and shipped back to Redmond on all connection attempts - even those that are refused. The data represents an XML stream.

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