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To Universal

Most titles migrated in a single day.

2007-03-14: most Rixstep software titles - including the ACP and CLIX - were migrated to 'universal' builds. The main brunt of the project took a mere four hours. Further work with the 30+ command line tools in the ACP will be scheduled for later.

Separate downloads for legacy (10.2 - 10.3) systems remain.

Too Fast?

A curious correlate was that 'shell' functionality in Xfile, Xfind, Xscan, Xshelf, Tracker, Undercover et al had to be 'slowed down' for use with ACP document editors (which are notoriously fast).

80+ Apps, 2.3 MB

The combined download for all 80+ applications, documentation, and other ancillary files is still under 2.3 MB.

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