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Dell Users: We Don't Want V*STA!

After a deluge of complaints Dell Computer are retrofitting Microsoft's earlier OS on their new boxes.

True to colour (and the wishes of Mister Bill) Dell Computer began foisting Microsoft's latest abomination (V*STA) on their customers in January 2007. But simultaneously they opened a customer feedback forum (similar to Apple's except they don't delete complaints). Poor Dell found themselves overwhelmed - nobody wants Mister Bill's latest mistake.

Dell are currently in the #2 slot with a 15% share of the OEM market. The forum suggestion to not eliminate Microsoft's previous abomination (Windows XP) got 11,000 votes. Considering the apathy of Microsoft customers, that's a lot of votes. So Dell will now offer the old abomination (Windows XP) on two of their desktop and four of their laptop models. Purchasers of all the other Dell computers will be screwed as before.

Market survey firm Gartner are puzzled. 'This is really odd', remarked Gartner research VP Michael Silver. 'Those silly Microsoft customers usually want the latest and greatest abomination from Microsoft - despite the quality of Redmond software being on a continual decline.'

Obviously market analysts don't know everything - 'latest' and 'greatest' are not interchangeable - certainly not in the context of Microsoft's operating systems.

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