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What Millions?

The new website colorblindmac.com want Apple to revert to 16.7 million colours with their notebook LCD TFT displays but have any notebooks ever had so many colours?

Pursuant to the recent class action filing against Apple for 'deceptive advertising' several MacBook and MacBook Pro owners have begun to look closer at their displays. And they're not overjoyed with what they find. And after conducting several hardware tests the people at colorblindmac.com went to the Apple store in London.

I went to the Apple store London. They told me Boot Camp is beta and as such the hardware data it passes onto Windows is not accurate and should not be trusted. Only the data on Apple's website and in the system profiler is accurate.

Which of course is nonsense - as much so as telling people they're 'too picky'.

And as Apple get their LCDs from the same suppliers as everyone else it's 'deceptive advertising' to claim those LCDs have support for 'millions of colours' and with a 'nuanced view simply unavailable on other portables'.

They're All 262

But deceptive advertising is one thing - and getting those millions of colours back is another. Maxim Proskurnya's list of notebook LCDs seems to indicate notebook screens with 16.7 million colours are almost unheard of - at least in sizes smaller than 19 inch.

Acer Aspires, Acer TravelMates, Dell Inspirons, HP Omnibooks, HP Pavilions, Fujitsu-Siemens LifeBooks, IBM Thinkpads, Compaq Presarios, Sony VAIOs, Toshiba Satellites - and Apple iBooks and PowerBooks: they've been using screens with 262 K colours all along.

Screen Specs
Chi Mei N154C1
Samsung LTN154X7
AUO 15.4 B154PW03 V0

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