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Steve Takes a Leak

The world of Apple assume Jonathan Schwartz preempted Steve Jobs about ZFS on Leopard. Oh the fools.

'Steve is gonna be mad', writes Scott McNulty at TUAW. Some people have short memories. Others are irretrievably naïve. Scott McNulty and others seem to be a bit of both.

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There are only a handful of stories online about the Schwartz 'leak' but it's enough - it's classic Apple marketing.

The unanswered question all along has been 'what will Steve Jobs unveil at the WWDC?' Apple already released hardware upgrades; this is a WWDC so it's no place for more hype about the iPhone; what shocker is left for Apple?

ZFS can very well be that shocker. It's already known ZFS will be available for Leopard; that Apple should use it as their default file system would indeed be news.

Further news sources have fallen into the same trap. 'Sun CEO spills Apple Leopard secret', writes Gregg Keizer at InfoWorld and Computerworld. eWeek, Wired News, Guardian Unlimited, TechWhack, The Inquirer, Engadget, ZDNet Australia, BetaNews, Ars Technica, MacNN, CNET, MacDailyNews, CrunchGear, Apple Insider, and Mac Rumors have all swallowed the bait.

Steve must be very pleased.

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