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OpenTerminal™ 1.0.1,

When things happen they happen fast. AppleWorld again caught up with Rixstep for the latest on this groundbreaking application.


Rixstep are pleased to announce the immediate release of OpenTerminal™ 1.0.1 and OpenTerminal™, two successive updates to the application that's taken the world by storm.

The Interview

AppleWorld are again asking the questions.

AW: Wow! Two more updates? On the same day!
SP: It's evolving at a staggering rate.
RD: Really fast.

AW: So what do you recommend our readers do? Download both?
RD: Of course.
SP: They can run both and compare. But version is way better.
RD: Way.

AW: Are the download URLs the same as before?
SP: No. The original download remains. We have two new URLs instead.
RD: Yeah. And the first one is immediately below.

AW: And the second one?
SP: Scroll.

AW: So what do we have to look forward to in these updates?
RD: Well version 1.0.1 keeps your current directory in secondary storage.

AW: Oh good! I was looking forward to that!
SP: Yes and 1.0.1 also adds an embedded sound.

AW: Embedded sound?
RD: Right. So you hear something when Terminal.app opens.
SP: Or changes directory.
RD: Or changes directory.

AW: And for version
RD: We make it configurable.

AW: What do you make configurable?
SP: The sound. There are no more embedded sounds.
RD: Yeah. We default to something inside Apple Mail.
SP: Right. But the coolest one is inside Garage Band. It's called 'kids' or something.
RD: Yeah and it's in a directory called 'laugher'. Apple misspelled 'laughter'.
SP: Oh and before we forget: here's the second link.

AW: So what happens now?
SP: Well we're knackered. That's for sure.
RD: We never worked this hard.

AW: Any plans for the future?
RD: Yes. Opacity.

AW: Opacity?
SP: Right. Normally windows have an opacity only up to 100%.
RD: And at 0% they're so transparent they're invisible.

AW: And at 100% they're totally opaque.
RD: Right. But we discovered a way to get an opacity way beyond 100%.
SP: About 110%. We can't push it any further.

AW: I'm not sure I follow here. You get a window with 110% opacity?
RD: That's the idea. They seem to stand out more on your screen.
SP: They glisten.

AW: Glisten?
SP: They sparkle. The rendering is noticeably better.
RD: Gives a better resolution.

AW: And what are you going to do with this?
RD: It's something we're calling ClearWindow™. We have a lot of plans for it.

AW: And in OpenTerminal™ too?
SP: Definitely.
RD: Just as soon as we get some rest.
SP: We're knackered.

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