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OpenTerminal™ 1.0.2 — 110% Opacity

When things happen they happen fast. AppleWorld caught up with Rixstep for the third time today to talk about the latest on this groundbreaking application.


Rixstep are pleased to announce the immediate release of OpenTerminal™ 1.0.2. This latest release introduces Rixstep's new ClearWindow™ technology which can render screen objects with more than 100% opacity.

The Interview

AppleWorld are tired of asking questions but they're not giving up.

AW: So you did it.
SP: We did it.
RD: We're really pleased.

AW: Well it sure looks good! Is that the new opacity meter?
SP: That's it.
RD: Goes from 0% to 110%.

AW: We talked about this before. Normally you'd think 100% was tops.
SP: We thought so too. But it's not.
RD: Sky's the limit. We're able to push it to about 110% right now.
SP: But we're always moving forward.

AW: And to download?
SP: Click the screenshots as before.

AW: And so now you have the opacity bar.
RD: Right.
SP: This is a prototype of our new technology.
RD: ClearWindow™. We're going to make it system-wide.

AW: And you say there's a discernible improvement in rendering quality?
SP: Definitely. Those last 10% mean everything.
RD: You can't miss it. Windows jump out at you.

AW: So OK - the window above is rendered with 110% opacity, correct?
RD: Correct.

AW: Do you have another screenshot we can compare with? With only 100% opacity?
SP: Of course. Here.
RD: Oh yuck. Yeah that's clearly not as good. Clearly.
SP: Clearly.

AW: They look mostly the same to me.
SP: They're not.
RD: Maybe the rendering to screenshot lost some of the 'glisten'.
SP: The 'sparkle'.
RD: This really shows up on a Cinema Display.
SP: Yeah there it's really dramatic.
RD: Dramatic.

AW: I don't have a Cinema Display.
SP: Oh. Better get one then.

Copyright © AppleWorld Enterprises. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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