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The OSX86 people are working round the clock to unearth the secrets of the iPhone and already have made amazing progress. They just don't want people publishing a direct URL to their work site.

The site is certainly worth visiting, but it's a 'wiki' and is therefore extremely susceptible to overloads. Already running on six IPs and four separate servers, it's been hard hit and that traffic has to be reduced.

What They've Done So Far

Following is a brief list of what the OSX86 team have accomplished as of early Friday.

  • Boot Loader. Successful commands to the boot loader currently limited to power off. Some of the commands are radio commands which are crucial.
  • Unlocking. It is now possible to unlock the device.
  • iPhoneInterface. A tool for use with the device the source code to which is to be released shortly. Prototype code can do the following.
    • Run any desired application already residing on the phone.
    • Control what processes run on the phone.
    • Move files around on the phone.
    • Enable viewing of verbose information during the restore process.
    • Activate the phone without iTunes and without a token.
  • Hardware. Work being done on developing prototype circuitry enabling debug access to the device.
  • SVN. A iPhone for Windows SVN has been created.

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