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The QuickTime 7.2 Disaster

Did quality control get the sack?

MacFixIt are reporting a major disaster with the recent QuickTime 7.2 upgrade from Apple Inc. When disaster strikes it breaks CFM applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Eudora, and MS Office; it breaks Shockwave Flash in embedded web pages; and it breaks even its own embedded QuickTime content.

MacFixIt regard this as one of the most serious issues ever associated with a QuickTime upgrade.

1. Breaks CFM Apps

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The QuickTime 7.2 upgrade appears to break CFM applications on Intel boxes - applications such as (older) Adobe Photoshop, AppleWorks, Eudora, Mailsmith, and MS Office. The applications may be unable to launch and may become crash prone. Using a different login account does not solve the issue.

2. Breaks Shockwave Flash

Shockwave Flash media on the web can break after the update. All that's seen is a QuickTime icon.

3. Breaks Embedded Web QuickTime Content

Several readers report an issue with web QuickTime playback after installing the QuickTime 7.2 upgrade. Instead of playback the QuickTime logo with a question mark is displayed.

So How Serious Is It?

According to MacFixIt this can be a serious matter: reinstalling an earlier version of OS X can be the only answer.

The issues with embedded web content may be due to Apple's overwriting more recent Flash plugins with their own somewhat outdated plugin and the addition of other corrupting plugins to the computer's arsenal.

How Do I Fix It?

MacFixit have full instructions for both reinstalling OS X and ridding an otherwise functional system of issues with embedded Shockwave Flash and QuickTime content.

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