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Yellow Submarine Sinks, George Harrison Weeps

An MP3 player that's going to actually weep? Yes say reliable sources.

CUPERTINO, LONDON (Rixstep) -- Reliable sources claim the increasingly rumoured Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' iPod is no longer in the Apple production pipeline but a George Harrison memorial 'weeping' iPod is.

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Steve Jobs has long been a fan of the Beatles and in particular the deceased solo guitarist George Harrison. Jobs owns several electric guitars of his own including a twelve string black Rickenbacker, a pre CBS corporate buyout Fender Stratocaster, and a Chet Atkins Gretsch - all of which the Beatle played in the group's heyday.

'George wasn't the fastest guitarist in the world nor was he the best', Jobs told reliable sources, 'but he was creative and incredibly inventive and if there's anything I can do to preserve his memory I certainly will.'

The thought is that Apple will produce a new MP3 player with the famous song 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' in mind. The default ringtone will be an excerpt of Eric 'Captain Fingers' Clapton's famous solo on the track.

'Yes it's ironic', said the Apple CEO, 'because George turned the solo over to his good friend Eric Clapton at the last moment, but it's arguably one of the most well known of his tracks.'

It Weeps?

Rumours further say the iPod actually weeps. How exactly this happens is not known nor can reliable sources give any further details but they insist the MP3 player is really going to 'weep'.

'Yes that's a definite', said one of the sources, 'but we don't know how yet. Perhaps it just builds up condensation.'

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