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iPhone Unlocked

Norwegian VG Nett are reporting the iPhone open for European use.

The Apple cellphone can now be used by Europeans despite its many locking mechanisms.

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It's been an outright full scale attack on the many locks on Apple's first telephony device. The locks are to stop users from using the device without connecting it to the mobile telephone network, from putting in their own software, and from using it with any carrier but AT&T in the US, according to Pål Unanue-Zahl of Norwegian VG Nett.

The first lock was cracked almost immediately - now hackers have unlocked the SIM card lock which is supposed to stop 'alien' SIM cards from being used.

Previous attempts to do something similar have resulted in the ability to ring out with the phone but otherwise very little. The new method of unlocking the iPhone is not for the technically challenged: briefly the idea is to trick the device into thinking it is still using a SIM card from AT&T.

The hack was created by Europeans who have reported it is now completely possible to ring, send SMS messaages, and more through the UK Orange network. And all this without paying sky high roaming fees to the US telco.

Other Reports

The Dutch iPhone club are also reporting success. 'hydr' who has posted on several forums confirms the hack works and that people in France, the UK, Germany, Macedonia, et al are now using it.

'It's a simemu proxy hack that enables you to merge two SIMs and bypass the iPhone's security check. We're very close to a full softmod hack as well', writes hydr.

Senad aka Deepdark

VideoGamer.com has an interview with Macedonian hacker Senad aka Deepdark credited with the hack here.

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