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Some people should just drink a cup of shut the F up.

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San Francisco, London (Arc Design) -- Adam Aronson's first iPhone bill from AT&T may not have been 300 pages and weighed half a tonne but Aronson was charged an estimated $20 per web page accessed while roaming.

'I am typing this from the floor right now. I am in complete shock', writes Aronson. 'I finally got my first online bill from AT&T yesterday and it came to $5,086.66!!1!fifteenbinary!!'

Roam Roam Roam

'As you may have guessed by now these are all charges for using the EDGE network while roaming internationally (in England). According to AT&T that's at a rate of $2cents per K! WTF? Why don't you rape me and my whole family while you're at it? From all you can use for $20 bucks a month to $2cents per K?! $20 per web-page? Are you INSANE?'

Aronson wasn't through.

'I was taken aback that I was charged at all for this, I mean doesn't my plan include all you can use data? And don't you have to call the cell company to activate overseas usage in advance?'

Yes indeed.

'That's what I thought', agrees Aronson. 'It's how all my previous carriers handled overseas roaming. But 4 months ago AT&T quietly changed their policy and now they automatically activate international roaming based on your credit worthiness.'

Based on a customer's ability to withstand a $5 K sucker punch. 'Yay, my great credit worthiness entitles me to rack up $5k in data charges I didn't know I would be charged for', bites Aronson sarcastically.

'Data Not Available'

'While I was in England I actually tried to access my account to find out how much data I was using and my account only showed data not available', insists Aronson.

High Hopes

Aronson has hoped AT&T will drop the charges as they have with poor unfortunate Dave Stolte who did the same thing. But Aronson should drink a cup of shut the F up or risk being ostracised from the Mac community.

Just wait till Daring קניידלעך gets ahold of this.

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