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Don't Let Them Laugh at You

Back to school? Chick magnets work only on the clueless. They've never worked on the educated.

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Everybody's got an iPod. Most everybody today's got a Mac too. Maybe that's your laptop of choice come school start this autumn. And that's going to be just fine if all you have to do is word processing, YouTube streaming, spreadsheet stuff, email - and of course attracting the opposite sex.

Windows laptops don't attract anything but yawns, frowns, and derision.

But if you're in the select crowd embarking on studies in that glorious field known as 'computer science' you'll find quite a few of your colleagues are running Linux laptops instead.

And odds are they'll be laughing at you.

Those Linux geeks have everything. They have access to everything in their systems. As computer science adepts you're expected to understand what all those things are. Unless of course all you want to learn is Markdown and JavaScript web design. In which case you're not really a computer scientist anyway. More like a word processing secretary.

Two Programmes — Specially Discounted for You

If you're starting in 'computer science' and you're running around with a Mac laptop you'd best look at this. And this.

And the good news is there are discounts for you. You can choose either this programme or this programme. And if your daddy and mummy could afford to send you away they can certainly afford a few dollars more so you can learn properly and make them proud.

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