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There's Ways Around Everything

Back to school? Chick magnets work only on the clueless. They've never worked on the educated.

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Anecdotal evidence - backed up with some statistical evidence - points to the fact that computer science students educated solely on the 'Mac' come away woefully ill equipped for the industry. It's not uncommon to find graduates who've never heard about process and thread management, who don't even know what a 'thread' is, who have no clue about quanta and time slices, resource starvation, 'Mexican embraces', inter-process communication, pipes, semaphores, mutexes, sockets, RPC - any of that.

Teachers and mentors scratch their heads and wonder if they've been to school at all.

Programs such as this one which belie a deep understanding and familiarity with the underbody of an operating system would be impossible to design, create, and construct with the 'punter tools' left on Mac OS X systems by Apple. [Which may be why over 250 Apple engineers are using it. Ed.]

But there's ways around everything.

Two Solutions

Rixstep have two solutions for the computer science student running Mac OS X, both rebated. One's a subscription to the full ACP and the other's a subscription to the Xfile subset.

You can get a trial download to the latter at any time. It will at least give you an idea of what you're in for if you take the plunge.

And once you've taken it make a point of stopping back often and in particular visiting the Learning Curve where you should find a lot of interesting - to not say enlightening - stuff.

Trial Download

Take the trial download today. Remember what Mac Pro Sweden said.

'It's undeniably easy to be spoiled and after several hours the Finder feels very distant.'

So go ahead. Spoil yourself.

More info...

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