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SCO File Chapter 11

PJ's due a huge box of chocolates.

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'No business strategy is more time honoured than using a sleepy Friday afternoon to drop some seriously bad news on investors and SCO followed the playbook to the letter', writes Nate Anderson.

'At 3:21 PM SCO sent a press release across the wire announcing they have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.'

'The sound you hear is the giddy chuckling of Linux devotees across the globe.'

And not just Linux people: almost anyone in enlightened opposition to Microsoft and the game they've been playing with Baystar are chucking giddily as well.

Pamela Jones is of course first to the mark. Yahoo Finance are also covering the story. 'Reorganisation ensures business as usual and that assets remain for continued support of customers and channel partners', write Yahoo in the euphemism of the century.

The actual filing was 'electronic' and with a court in Delaware.

Owe the Following

PJ has a list of 'SCO Operations' creditors.

4Front Technologies$10417.50Madson & Austin$8478.32
Amici LLC$500650.73Microsoft Licensing Inc$125575.00
AmLaw Discovery$5399.57Profile Consulting$5450.00
Boies Schiller287256.39Randd Strategic$7026.79
Canopy Group$139895.00Sage Forensic Accounting$6221.00
Fujitsu Services$25302.11Silverman Heller Associates$10352.35
Gre Mountain Heights Property$132502.00Sun Microsystems Inc$55414.40
HP-Nonstop Royalty Accounting $25302.11Unisys$25302.11
Intel$23302.11Veritas Software$37881.33
KSJ Consulting$21781.25

But they also owe a lot of individuals, adds PJ: Christine Botosan, Gary Pisano, Marc Rochkind, Evan Ivie, Gary Nutt, Darl McBride, Ralph Yarro, Darcy Mott, Bert Young, Jean Acheson, Chris Sontag, Reg Broughton, Sandy Gupta, Blake Stowell, Alok Mohan, Doug Michaels, Dave Prosser, Duff Thompson, Erik Hughes, Eric Posner, Hans Bayer, Amanda Zwie - all names to remember.

And they owe MySQL, O'Reilly, Pace Law School, the US Attorney General, Novell - and of course IBM.

So much chaos and confusion Bill Gates can cause.

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