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Poll: Leopard's New Features

Results of a CLIX Exchange survey on Apple's new OS.

Apple's OS X 10.5 Leopard will be released tomorrow at 18:00. According to Apple it has over three hundred new features, listed at the Apple website for the past week. The CLIX Exchange conducted a survey to rank these features.

The survey ranked 312 features divided into 38 categories.

The Results

CLIX Exchange members rated the 312 features in Leopard on a scale of 1 ('lame') through 2 ('yawn') and 3 ('fair') to 4 ('cool'). 18% of the votes were for 'lame'; 35% for 'yawn'; 32% for 'good'; and 14% for 'cool'. The average vote was just below halfway up the scale - 2.40.

The highest ranking features were 64-Bit Applications and Objective-C at 3.6 followed by Braille Support, PDF Manipulation in Preview, and Multicore Optimized at 3.5. Scratched Disc Recovery, Improved PDF Annotations, Batch Image Operations, Printer Drivers via Software Update, Easily Create Tabbed Bookmarks, Live Partition Resizing in Disk Utility, Automatic Backup, Preserve Access Privileges, and Streaming IO all hovered at the 3.4 mark.

Synchronize with Yahoo! was the absolute worst with 1.1 followed by .Mac Sync for Dock Items at 1.2. None of the screen savers reached higher than 1.6.

Preview, Safari, Security, Time Machine, and Unix were amongst the categories people consistently ranked the highest.

Poll Results ⇒

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