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APE Bites Leopard

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Not twenty fours since the formal release of Apple's 64-bit operating system OS X 10.5 Leopard and people in droves are experiencing scares worse than the nefarious Microsoft Windows blue screen of death. Initially users blamed Apple for a shoddy job (and some still do) but it isn't Apple's fault at all.

The culprit is Unsanity's Application Enhancer Framework.

The discussion on the Apple boards began already on Thursday evening 25 October. Soon it gained hundreds of posts. People complained of not being able to reboot, of having to wait several hours (!) to reboot, and of 'sitting on a plain blue screen' for half an hour or more.

It wasn't until thirty hours later on Friday 26 October that people finally started getting a clue. Chris Mcculloh posted the solution: get rid of Unsanity's Application Enhancer Framework (APE).

Mcculloh's post unleashed a storm of 'thank you' replies from Leopard users who'd experienced the same thing.

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