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Hold Off on Trimmit

Published by Rixstep at Version Tracker.

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You're right - all of you. It doesn't work! So don't use it.

What's happened here we don't know; we did not authorise a bump from 0.9 which worked to 1.0 which ostensibly does not work. We did not come here to Version Tracker and announce a new version. For that matter we did not write this application either - we sponsored it. As should be apparent for anyone who took the time to read the coverage at our website. It's not exactly a well kept secret.

Rixstep sponsored this app because the author who is 17 years old was not able to obtain a developers account here at Version Tracker.

Version 0.9 of Trimmit was tested extensively in the CLIX forum and performed admirably for everyone who reported there. It performed much better than Xslimmer and a histogram comparing Trimmit and Xslimmer was published at the Rixstep website. One tester at the forum ran it on his entire /Applications hive (against our recommendations) and recovered nearly 800 MB of disk space - with no hitches.

It seems that the author (lipidity.com) then made changes to the original 0.9 script and bumped the version to 1.0. No notice was given here at Version Tracker; we were aware of the work on a 'new improved script' but also saw there were issues and in no way approved bumping the version.

It's possible the 'tech tracker' crawler found this new version and updated the version information on this page - no one from Rixstep has updated any information here or been aware of any version bump. And we've written to Version Tracker about this anomaly but as yet received no reply. We're into our second day waiting for a reply from Version Tracker in this matter.

In the meantime - and possibly longer - we've taken down our link to this software. What happened was done beyond our control and without our approval - on two fronts. And we have ourselves tested this 'app' in its version 1.0 incarnation and attested it does not work - and in fact seems to be going from bad to worse. We recommend you do not use it even if you can find a link. It's not exactly going to do you any permanent harm; the EULA specifically says 'as is'; but it doesn't work and we see other issues that would have to be addressed before we put our stamp on it again - if ever. What's the real shame is that this thing did perform excellently once upon a time - when we reviewed the 0.9 release.

As for our friend Greg Slepak at kinostudios - use your judgement. Greg has a history of harassing us with bipolar rantings so yes, there's substantial evidence to question his mental health.

May the Force be with you etc. Trim your apps yourselves. It's not that hard - just use the mouse, a decent file manager, and the same techniques we've been using all along before we ship our own products.

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