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Burpin' Safari

They refuse to fix it so you might as well have some fun with it.

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VAITAPE (Rixstep) — Rixstep announce the immediate release of SURF WILD!!!1!, a 'system service' for both OS X 10.4 and 10.5 available as a universal build.

SURF WILD!!!1! demonstrates a long standing programming blooper of extraordinary proportions in Apple's web browser Safari.

SURF WILD!!!1! is not a 'serious' system service per se but then again Safari is not a 'serious' web browser - not if embarrassing flaws such as those demonstrated by SURF WILD!!!1! are allowed to stand.

Download SURF WILD!!!1! — Now!!!1!

Download SURF WILD!!!1! here. Full instructions accompany the download. ← CLICK HERE (20 KB DMG)

What's Wrong With Safari??/?

The Safari development team evidently have not been aware that their code inherits from NeXTSTEP classes such as NSText (or the equivalent). This code allows for modification of its contents.

Web pages per se are not supposed to allow this. Reports have streamed into Apple for some time now about this bug - and arrived long before the release of Safari 3.0 beta and Safari 3.0 for Leopard.

But as with so many bugs reported to Apple this one got blackholed early on. Apple choose to ignore it.


Because bugs irritate, annoy, and ultimately piss people off. And if Apple refuse to help their users then perhaps embarrassing them a bit might get them to readjust their rather skewed priorities.

What Does SURF WILD!!!1! Do?

SURF WILD!!!1! modifies text on any page rendered in Safari at any time. It puts everything in UPPER CASE. Select text and run your new free SURF WILD!!!1! service. Have fun. And when you get tired of mucking up everybody's web pages - write to Apple and COMPLAIN.

SURF WILD!!!1! FAQ!!!1!

Q. Does SURF WILD!!!1 expose a real bug?
A. Your doctor is giving you the wrong prescription medicine.

Q. Why don't the Safari team fix this bug and other bugs?
A. Their doctors are giving them the wrong prescription medicines.

Q. Why are you publishing this 'proof of concept' application?
A. We don't take any prescription medicine. Seriously: something's got to get Apple to fix these bugs. Fixing them doesn't require a lot of coding. Perhaps two or three characters in a single line of code. All that stops Apple from fixing stupid bugs like this is their own arrogance.

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