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ÎLES DU VENT (Rixstep) -- Dennis B wins the third Rixstep Bug Hunter Award. Dennis found a bug in the 2.0 makeover of Xfile for Leopard.

The bug was introduced in the makeover of the Xfile menu which accommodated new 'standard' user folders for Leopard.

Dennis wins a free Rixstep licence of his choosing.

The bug was reported three days ago. Dennis experienced crashes on a PPC G5 when accessing the program's help menu. The crash log he sent indicated something was wrong right outside the framework image librarian. The image librarian is used in this context only to populate the menu.

On further inquiry Dennis reported similar behaviour when accessing the part of the menu populated with images. It was then observed that the last item on this submenu lacked an image; in the makeover the final element of the menu was overlooked - this resulted in the image librarian looking for a key represented by a 'garbage' stack value.

On Intel this value had a short termination but on PPC the traversal eventually ran into non-paged memory, raising an exception.

Dennis' discovery is the third found since the Bug Hunter Campaign was initiated in January 2007. Rixstep namely award free licences for bug discoveries.

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