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Apple Redact, Close Down Intuit Thread

This is how Apple fix bugs and design flaws - they shut up their customers who get hurt.

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Unsurprisingly the discussion thread 'Desktop GONE' started by 'tangrams' and relating to the QuickBooks disaster has now been closed down by Apple - but not before individual posts were redacted by the Apple 'forum nannies' who according to the Cupertino company no longer exist.

Meanwhile Intuit have offered free QuickBooks 2007 licences to afflicted users - for a flaw that ultimately is not their own.

Observers wonder why it took Apple so long to react - posts pointing to errors on the point of Apple are normally black holed a lot faster.

Rixstep have also received reports posts in the discussion thread have been redacted.

Now You See It Now You Don't

Rixstep have found two instances of redacted posts adorned by the seemingly innocuous '<edited by host>'. The author of these posts has been in contact with Rixstep and corroborated the posts were in fact 'doctored' by Apple. As the thread itself is to be made 'GONE' soon by Apple the two posts in question are reproduced below.

The discussion continues at the Intuit QuickBooks Community forum where corporate management have not yet discovered the advantages of twisting and hiding the truth.

Customers of Peoples Temple Cupertino: it's high time you decide how much of this you intend to tolerate.

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