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Active Directory in Leopard? Nope!

Curiouser and ridiculouser by the minute.

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Apple's Active Directory plugin 1.6 for Leopard 10.5 and 10.5.1 doesn't function with settings from 10.4 machines. Customers with enterprise support report Apple acknowledge this issue but say only they plan to fix it in a 'future point release'.

The issue was known before but was not fixed with 10.5.1. Reverting to previous versions is not allowed. AFP548 claim things will work but only in 'smaller environments'.

Do Apple care about their enterprise customers? How long will Apple's enterprise customers care about Apple?

I simply cannot understand how such poor code got through the beta testing.
 - Hugh Burt

We are just starting to bind Macs to AD at my company and we only have about 50 out of 1500 users on Macs so it's not a huge deal with my management at this time but it does set my projects for this year behind - which will affect me with management come review time.
 - DRITech

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