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Finally a way for admins to manage filesystem extended attributes.

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ŌTSU (Rixstep) — The ACP now includes the first system administration tool for managing filesystem extended attributes on the local machine and in the network.

Called 'xabatch', it operates from command files which detail the operations to be performed on the target files. Extended attributes can be added, removed, or replaced.

xabatch can be integrated into other system maintenance routines to either rid files of unnecessary attributes or to add or modify attributes for streamlined indexing.

Command File Syntax

xabatch command file syntax is straightforward.

Command records are one per line and use the DSV field separator ':' [colon] with '+' denoting something to be added or replaced and '-' denoting something to be removed.


xabatch and xargs together can clean your entire filesystem almost instantaneously.


xabatch is available with the first January 2008 update of the ACP.

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