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Xfile 2/Tracker 2.0

Tracker 2.0 now included in the Xfile Test Drive.

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Xfile Test Drive Now Includes Tracker 2.0

RIXSTEP -- As promised before the holidays the Xfile Test Drive now includes the significant update of their award winning Tracker to version 2.0.

Tracker is the only utility available for OS X that completely tracks what 'unknown and untrusted software' - or anything for that matter - does to a file system.

And Tracker not only charts the changes - it also helps undo them: it's a file manager all its own.

'There are a few other products available that attempt to heuristically determine where changes are made to your system by installed software, and others that use event notification systems available with some releases of OS X, but Tracker's the only utility that gets at everything, regardless of your OS version', says CFO Sydney Phillips.

'We use it ourselves each and every time we have to try unknown and untrusted software.'

Guessing Games

Apple have in the past, in the wake of security alerts and news of exploits against their platform, advised users to 'never run unknown and untrusted software'. 'Which is an impossibility', comments Phillips. 'Until you try a new program, there's no way you can know if you can trust it. And without Tracker, you're never going to know that anyway. At best you'll be able to guess, and this must not be a guessing game.'

Tracker 2.0 - which was released to all ACP and Xfile users before the holidays - is now part of the Xfile Test Drive.

Why & How

You typically use Tracker to track what 'new' software you've just downloaded is up to. Never attribute to malice etc. And should you be prompted for your admin password use of Tracker is essential: with that password your 'unknown and untrusted software' can go anywhere and deposit things in hundreds of thousands of nooks and crannies you'd never find.

With Tracker there's no escape. Period.

  1. Drop your download on a Tracker window. [Yes even if it's a DMG or zip.] Click the 'Track' button.
  2. Check what the alert sheet says about who's going to open the file; if it's as expected click the 'Continue' button.
  3. If there's an app or an installer to run - drop it on a new Tracker window and proceed as above.
  4. Complete the unzip/install/first run and exit the application. Return to Tracker.
  5. Depending on whether you surrendered your admin password adjust the paths Tracker will track.
  6. By default the paths are /Library and ~ [you]. If you gave away your admin password change this to scan your entire system (/).
  7. Let Tracker do its work then inspect the results. And move/delete/further inspect anything you want.

Download the Test Drive

Download the Xfile Test Drive with Tracker 2.0 Xfile now.


Sydney Phillips
Email: tracker@rixstep.com


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