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ICO to M&S: 'Secure Your Data'

This wasn't an ordinary breach - this was an M&S breach.

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Marks and Spencer broke data protection rules over a stolen laptop containing details of pension arrangements for 26,000 staff.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) have ordered M&S to encrypt all laptop hard drives by April 2008.

Failure to comply with the enforcement order is a criminal offence.

The laptop was stolen in April 2007. Since then M&S 'have been working' to secure their laptops.

Before data be allowed out of the building it must be protected, says ICO assistant commissioner Mick Gorill.

The ICO is responsible for regulating and enforcing the access to and use of personal information.

Three cheers for the ICO. Jasper Rine, Dawn Rice and Ted Strickland: take note.

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